The steps to register the marriage certificate with Thais

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If your couples are foreigners and you would like to be legally married, you must legally register the marriage certificate in Thailand first. The documentation required, and qualifications must be followed strictly:

●       The document requires:

1.      For the foreigners

The legalization request, your passport (original and copy), the certificate of personal status from the embassy or consulate or an organization of that country’s government with translation, the divorce certificate (if any), and any other documents, such as a certificate of name or surname change, are required.

2.      For Thais

The legalization request, the original and a copy of ID card, and the original and a copy of house registration. Furthermore, you must have two witnesses, as well as the witness’s ID card or other proof. The witness must be someone close to you, such as your father, mother, siblings, or relatives. The original and a copy of divorce certificate, as well as one Thai translator to translate the language for the foreigner side, are required. Other documents may include a certificate of name or surname change (if applicable) or the death certificate of a former spouse.

These are the documents required for registration of the marriage certificate for both Thai and international people.

●       The qualifications to register the marriage certificate:

  1. It must be older than 20 years. If you are under the age of 17, you must bring your father, mother, or guardian to provide consent.
  2. Male or female Thai nationality is required.
  3. You must not be insane or be declared incapable by a court of law.
  4. Parents are not siblings or brothers and sisters.
  5. The adapter is not permitted to marry the adopted child.

●     The location to register the marriage certificate:

  1. If you are in Thailand, you can register your marriage at the District office or the district office.
  2. If you are married outside of Thailand, you can register the marriage at the Thai Embassy in that nation.

●      The steps to register the marriage certificate:

  1. You must apply for a certificate of celibacy from a foreign embassy in Thailand, which must be translated into Thai and stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. You must contact the registrar and submit the necessary documentation to the authorities. Then, fill out the document provided by the staff.
  3. The staff will inquire about both parties’ relationships, such as the length of the relationship, the amount of time they have been together, and other details. In this phase, an interpreter will assist both parties in interpreting the specifics of the marriage registration.
  4. The marriage certificate will be issued by the staff.

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