Hiring a Marquee Or Party Tent

Hiring a Marquee or Party Tent to your special event is turning into increasingly popular round the sector; this newsletter goes to talk about where to begin while making plans your birthday celebration and the do’s and don’ts of hiring a marquee or birthday party tent.

Do I want a Party Tent or a Marquee?

This can cause confusion relying on wherein you stay inside the international. The definition of both is the identical; a big and often luxurious tent, within the UK and Australia a big tent used for capabilities is frequently known as a marquee where as in America it’s far called a party tent or truly a wedding tent.

Time of the yr

With cutting-edge flooring and heating systems, the time of the year is not an issue while hiring a marquee or party tent. Most marquee hire companies will either include warmers with their marquee rent package deal or will rate a small rent price; but it’s miles always an amazing idea to double take a look at the hirer gives this service when planning a party in the winter months.

What Type of Tent?

The most famous marquee is a body marquee; this is a good alternative as it does not require any additional area for man ropes, and so so long as you have the desired space for the marquee it’ll healthy into the website. The traditional marquee or the present day anxiety tent can appearance a little bit better but they typically require an extra one metre for guy ropes.

What length marquee do I require?

Any proper Marquee rent organisation will know precisely what size you will require through asking your a few quick questions, so earlier than speaking in your neighborhood marquee rent business enterprise consider the answers to the following questions: – How many people do I want to deal with? Are the guests officially seated at tables or is it a buffet with occasional tables? Is it status or seating most effective? Do custom 10×10 tent  I want a service / catering tent? Am I having a DJ and a dance ground? Do I require area for an initial reception vicinity?

Questions which you have to ask your hirer

The first factor to say when contacting your marquee hirer is in which and while your wedding ceremony, event or celebration will take area. This is to make certain than they have got availability on that date and they cover your location.

After this, you have to ask their recommendation on what length you may require the marquee to be. You do no longer want a party in which the tent is too crowded or in which it feels empty, so length does rely whilst hiring a marquee. Some marquee hirers will ship you a encouraged format plan in conjunction with your quote, that is regularly very useful when planning your wedding ceremony or celebration tent but do not be afraid to tell them in case you feel the layout or length is wrong, in any case it is your unique day and they will recognize that everybody has specific requirements.

Always ask if there are any additional expenses and what isn’t covered within the fee, this can be tax or travel costs and many others. Also be sure to invite about what type of deposit they require. Usually maximum marquee hire organizations will consist of all this statistics inside the quote, be wary of any hirer which would not.

Make certain you ask about what form of coverage your hirer holds, they must constantly have some sort of liability insurance mainly if they may be supplying the electricity in your occasion.

Ask about strength on your marquee, do they provide this free of rate? For large activities it’s miles a very vital consideration; bands, lights and catering can often require a whole lot of power and your occasion can be ruined if the strength fails. Most marquee organizations will use certified electricians to attach electricity to your birthday party tent however it’s far always sensible to check first. For large occasions it is able to even be clever to hire a backup generator.